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“For a typical fortune 1000 company, just 10% increase in Data accessibility will result in more than $65 million additional net income” Bernard Marr, Writing for Forbs

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Designing custom made web scraper solutions has never been easier web scraper is the tool used by global leaders. We have facilitated intelligent web scraping solutions for FMCG’s, Hedge funds, Banks, Retailers and many more industries where decisions are driven by facts and data rather than a gut feeling. 

Harvest your data with our precision scraper, trawl data with our Crawler, refine and enrich your data with our intelligent Pipes robot and finally connect directly with our API and secure web hocks.

Connect directly with Power BI, Tableau, SAP Hana, Qlick, SAS Institute and many many more. 
Data is the new oil and web scraping is the only way to harvest, refine and connect to the world of knowledge!
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1. Fast & easy to use

With the most advanced web scraper on the market from you can extract data from any website. Point and click on any object to build and expand even the most complex automation tasks.

2. Visual programming

The preview area shows you the page you are currently scraping and its current state within your robot. Dexi offers a simple timeline interface to help you build and visualize your robot workflow.

3. empowers you!

Context sensitive short cuts are shown when you make a selection in the preview area, giving you instant access to triggers and actions to drive your project forward.

Available add-ons

Extend what you can do with dexi using our growing list of addons. Through addons more features are available in the Extractor and Pipes - and can integrate to a growing list of data stores and endpoints like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Amazon S3 and more.
Expect a lot of new, cool addons to be added in the time to come!

- New Update -

We have completely revamped and reorganised the functionality you can use in robots and run configurations (integrations).


In the new Addons section you can get an overview of all available addons, filter them by category and quickly add them to your account.

Set up your own robot in 10 minutes

Fully featured visual programming with advanced, web interaction, login credentials, payment processing, RPA and much more. Combine the power of hundreds or even thousands of robots to orchestrate your intelligent data solution with Pipes intelligent master robot. 
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Introducing the powerful robots

  • Extractor (Web Scraper)

    Extractor (Web Scraper)

    With our market leading Web Scraper (Extractor robot) you can extract data from any website. The (Web Scraper) supports a full browser environment allowing you to automate and extract data from any website that you can visit in a normal modern browser. It is fully HTML5-compliant and boasts the same feature set of a desktop Web browser. It handles HTML, CSS, Javascript, downloads, Web sockets, log-ins, and much more.

    The ultimate web scraping platform Quick introduction to Web Scraping (Extractor Robot) Written by Morten Garbøl Franck

  • Pipes


    Via Pipes robots it is possible to define a completely custom robot execution flow performing arbitrarily complex data processing and transformation logic. For example, a Pipes robot could execute an Extractor robot, loop over its results, call an external web service for a specific field in each result, do some custom formatting of the web service result and save the “enriched” results in a data set - and many other things.

    How can I create a Pipes project? Introduction and guide to setting up your first Pipes Robot Written by Henrik Hofmeister

  • Deduplication


    The key configuration defines how the system matches rows, ie. determines duplicates. A data set key can thus be seen as primary key in SQL terminology. For each field of the data type of the data set, the user selects the fields he/she wants to be part of the key and for each key field define both comparison method and weight (a value from 1-10 indicating how important the value of this field is relative to the values of the other fields).

    How do I use Data Sets for deduplication? A quick introduction to introduction to deduplication Written by Morten Garbøl Franck

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“I am totally satisfied with the help and service your team provided us and profoundly appreciate it."
"We managed to scrape 65 million data rows within days.”
Hamid Shaker, PhD Candidate University of Calgary
CTO, Autobutler
Johnny Andersen
"I really am thoroughly impressed! Pipes are very easy to use and the results are amazing."
Software Engineer, Routiffic
Youssef Mahmoud
The website is really great. if you are a beginner in scraping and web crawling, this is the tool that will convert you from Zero to Hero in scraping and crawling. great for beginners and experts.

Data driven insights on all levels 

Intelligent Web Scraping gives your company access to more than 1 billion pages and services.
And it's doubling every second year!
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Data Scientist
Radically reduce the complexity of downstream data operations and expand your web scraping capabilities to unprecedented levels.
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Business Manager
Expanding your content coverage with web scrapers - drive down costs, increase workflow efficiency and gain quicker insights into you market.
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Marketing Manager
Automated Web-Scrapers from hundreds of thousands of websites. Deliver dynamic pricing & reports and be one step ahead!


How do I apply web scraping within my business?



Distribution Chain Monitoring icon Distribution Chain Monitoring

By continuously monitoring the web, you can proactively manage your channels, competition and brand perception – rather than reacting when it’s too late. 

Content Aggregation icon Content Aggregation

Easy creation of content aggregators gather material from various sources for their Web sites or gather and distribute content to suit your team or user needs.

dynamic pricing icon Dynamic pricing

Imagine having access to real time insights on company and competitor product pricing/ compliance. Automate, streamline and scale your solution. 

KYC/Profiling icon KYC/Profiling 

Collecting and synthesizing detailed background information can be hugely time-consuming, particularly if your processes aren’t automated.

Financial & Market Data icon Financial & Market Data

Tap into the web’s vast store of  financial information, market trends and industry topics to pinpoint the companies you need to know or do business with. 

Competitive Data icon Competitive Data

Your success depends on accurate competitive product and pricing intelligence – decision-grade information that you can act on to maintain and grow your market position.

Some of the great features  that makes
the most powerful web 
scraping tool available 
Source, Extract & Automate icon

Source, Extract & Automate

The Extractor supports a full browser environment allowing you to automate and scrape data from any website that you can access with a browser.

Scale to any size icon

Scale to any size

Huge cloud capacity is built into our solution. And you can easily scale your setup by simply adding more scraping capacity to your account.

transform, refine and integrate icon

Transform, refine and integrate

Add features to your Extractor and Pipes - and integrate to data stores and endpoints like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Amazon S3 and many more.

Transform and combine icon

Transform and combine

Pipes is powered by a full-blown ETL and data transformation engine that allowes you to apply just about any post-processing on the data that you need.

connect your data

Connect your data

Connecting your data to where you need it easy with our many out of the box integrations options - we and are adding more all the time.

processing icon


With data processing features you can transform, manipulate, aggregate and combine data - our aim is to provide you with a polished ready-to-use data stream for whatever purpose.

intuitive debugging

Intuitive Debugging

When a robots fails (for example because the data-source being captured was altered) provides the tools you need to quickly asses why and fix the issue to allow the robot to continue.

Instant Deduplication icon

Instant Deduplication

The built-in audit-function let’s you automatically de-duplicate your data before sending it to your own systems.

connect to the world of knowladge globe

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We’re committed to providing the best customer service in the industry. Our dedicated support team is ready to handle any of your concerns, providing a single point of contact for all inquiries, requests for service, and other technical assistance. Our online support is open Monday - Friday 8.00am - 5.30pm (GMT). But you can always visit our Knowledge and find answers to all of your questions. 

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